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46 Animals that Look like Celebrities: We are Sorry for #35, Kim!

Poking fun at celebrities can be highly entertaining. Laughing at the animals that appear to reveal similar facial expressions, hairstyles, or even personality traits can be a great stress reliever. And, while we are at it, we can learn some little known trivia about each of the celebrities. That way we can enjoy the animals that look like celebrities (and we truly are sorry for #35, Kim), while also getting to know our fave celebs better. Join us in the chuckles!

1. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts embodies the definition of beauty. However, there are some things about her that might be slightly shocking. Did you know she likes to knit? Oh, and she used to bite her toe nails. Maybe that’s the correlation between her and this dog!
If you’re looking for other people who really relate to the animals that represent them, wait until you get to #13.

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