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[Life Trick] 6 Impressive New Uses For Banana Peels

Banana peels are likely far more useful than you ever realized. While many people merely discard them, you can actually benefit from your banana peels in several truly amazing ways. Some of the most noteworthy examples include:

1 – Tooth Whitening

Keeping your teeth white in between dentist visits is a struggle, to say the least. This is especially true if you happen to be a coffee or soda drinker. You can actually rub banana peels on your teeth to help keep the enamel clean and healthy however. It’s going to take a while to get used to the texture being rubbed against your pearly whites, but the fact that doing so will make sure you can continue calling them that non-ironically will make warming up to it more than worth it!

2 – Curing Psoriasis

Yes, banana peels can cure psoriasis when rubbed on the affected area for at least a few days straight. You can expedite the process by repeating it twice a day. By the same token, the peels will also work to moisturize your skin and get rid of any itchiness you’ve been suffering from. 

3 – Hemorrhoids

Similarly, you can use banana peels in the same fashion if you happen to be suffering from hemorrhoids. This is one that’s definitely going to make you feel a bit weird, but this is an issue where absolutely any relief you can find is well worth the means.

4 – Headaches

Bananas are especially high in potassium, and that is especially true of the peels. If you suffer from frequent headaches, you may want to include more of the bright yellow fruit in your diet, and you can even hold the peels over whichever area of your head seems to hurt the worst for some expedited relief.

5 – Bruises

You can also help clear up your bruises faster with banana peel compresses. Most are in the dark about the matter, but they actually have powerful regenerative abilities.

6 – Polishing

Rubbing a peel onto any surface in your home that should have a shine will bring out the absolute best in it. You can even polish your shoes. Just be sure to use the outer surface of the peel to keep from attracting the likes of gnats who love the natural smell of the fruit.



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