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Italian City Launches Cannabis Ice Cream

The small Italian town of Alassio is now home to a cannabis flavored ice cream crafted in honor of the world renown reggae musician Bob Marley. Its creators stand by it as both a tasty flavor of ice cream and a sufficient means of actually achieving a cannabis high.

While Alassio isn’t the most frequented town in Italy, the ice cream shop owners have high hopes that this notable new flavor will draw a sizeable influx of new customers upon its introduction to the menu.

Sure to be a hit, the cannabis flavor was crafted in association with Canapa Ligura, a local proponent of hemp health benefits. The flavor uses hemp seeds for its base. 

The shop is proud to announce that it should have several health benefits given the high fatty acid content. Problems with cholesterol, eczema, acne, osteoarthritis, and respiratory issues can all be soothed to some extent thanks to the hemp content.

IcyHigh Italian city launches cannabis ice cream in honor of Bob Marley RT News

Of course, this isn’t the first time hemp or cannabis have been used in hopes of creating a “special” ice cream flavor. Of note, one Icelandic couple had to be hospitalized after a bout of furious hallucination after they experimented with their own variety of the high flying frozen delight. It seems the Italian heroes of this story have managed to perfect the recipe however.


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