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Lower High Blood Pressure In 5 Minutes

Simple Chinese Remedy To Lower High Blood Pressure In 5 Minutes

Blood pressure is the pressure inside your arteries created by heart as it pushes the blood rich with oxygen and nutrients to all the mussels and organs. Our body reacts to physical or emotional stress by contracting muscles and tightening very small arteries called arterioles which increases the blood pressure. This means that heart must work much harder to push the blood.

As result, high blood pressure dramatically increases the risk of stroke and heart attack because heart needs to work at the full power most of the time. Many people have high blood pressure (or hypertension), but do not know it. For this reason hypertension sometimes is called “a silent killer.” Nearly a third of all Americans are affected by it.

We all know that medications may have some serious side effects which are hard to ignore. Just read the label of the migraine medicine and you may start thinking what is better – chance of nose bleeding, liver failure, drowsiness, or a migraine? High blood pressure medications are not an exception – some of their side effects are hard to ignore.

Lower high blood pressureThis is why natural remedies are always popular. This ancient remedy from Chinese Medicine will help you relax muscles and lower your blood pressure within several minutes.

Step 1. With the tips of your fingers, gently stroke the line shown on the picture starting from the top (point 1) to the bottom (point 2). Repeat it ten times on each side of the neck.

Step 2. Massage the collarbone area (point 2 on the picture) for one minute on each side. Apply some pressure but not to the point when it becomes painful.

This simple technique will improve blood circulation and, in a matter of several minutes, your high blood pressure will be lowered.

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