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[Recipe] Mix Of Banana And Water Heals Cough In Children: Bronchitis Disappears Immediately!

Apart from being delicious and in other country being a cosine, this mixture is great for preventing and curing persistent cough in children.

The benefits of using banana mixture has proven to cure persistent bronchitis and cough in children. This treatment is very effective in children but adults can use this too. It offers many beneficial properties to the stomach, offering nutrition, health and tasty benefits. Preparing this treatment is very simple:

The Ingredients

• Two tablespoons of sugar
• 400 ml of warm water
• 2 ripe bananas 

Preparation Method

The first thing to do is peeling the bananas. After which you should smash them. You may use a fork and a spoon (it may be of wooden, plastic or metal). You have something else that can smash these bananas, then you may use them. When you have properly mashed them, add the sugar and stir very well. After you have prepared this, add the warm water and let it stand for about 30 minutes.

Use a plastic strainer to strain the mixture.


Give your child the mixture 4 times a day. You can also prefer giving your child 100 ml after every two hours. You will begin to see or experience changes after few days. What does this mean for you? well, it simply means that you do not need any expensive medication or treatment options. Do not forget that it is also a tasty cream that your kid will love.



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