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Russia Stuns The World With A Complete Ban On GMOs

In a surprise move, the Russian government has stunned the nation as they have brought about changes to Monsanto’s GMOs in which they have completely banned the use of any genetically modified ingredients in food production.

In short, Russia has bypassed any issues of GMO labeling and locked down the usage of GMOs that may enter the food supply through the use of prepackaged foods.

Deputy PM Arkady Dvorkovich has publicly stated that the Russian government will not tolerate the use of genetically-modified organisms in food production.

This is a truly astounding move by the Russian government and it sits in unison with the highly debated topic of GMOs and Monsanto in foods. This follows shortly after the ruling by the World Health Organization which has stated that Monsanto is nothing more than a ‘probable carcinogen.’

This is a decision that you really want to understand and to put into perspective. Imagine if this announcement had been made by the United States. That would have brought about an entire change in the food manufacturing industry. However, considering it is coming from Russia, it has been all but a footnote in the news. 

In the United States alone, more than 90% of all staple crops are genetically modified. In addition, soybeans and cotton fall into the same treatment. A ban of this magnitude would have forever changed the food supply process. In Russia, this movement has been coming for years and they are ready for a revolution on GMO foods.

President Putin believes that is possible to keep all GMOs out of the country while managing to stay within compliance of the WHO or World Trade Organization’s commandments. Putin has been very vocal about the use of GMOs found with the Russian food supply and has addressed the Board of the Russian Federation Council multiple times. Russia has started the revolution, will the rest of the world follow suit?


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