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When She Turned 2 Simple Ingredients Into A Cure For Cancer, The Government Shut Her Down

Cancer has fast become a plague. Just mentioning the word Cancer sets terror in the hearts of many. Sadly, the older we get, the more likely we are to come down with some form of cancer.

According to recent statistics, 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women will get some kind of cancer in their lifetime. Sadly, this number is rapidly rising.

Many scientists have studied cancer. Johanna Budwig is one of these scientists. She came up with a unique protocol to treat cancer, however, no one is using it. Why? Because it doesn’t bring anyone any financial gain.

Each and every day, money is donated and collected in an effort to sponsor research in the quest of the cure for cancer. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be getting any closer to a cure by using medications, drugs or any form of therapy.

There is a huge interest in cannabis oil therapy, however, not all patients will respond well to cannabis oil treatment protocols.

This is due in part to the fact that pharmaceuticals haven’t found an ideal way to package and sell cannabis oil in mass production. If something isn’t going to increase their profits, most aren’t going to bother with it. Cannabis is one such drug.

Thus, the quest to cure cancer has become a booming business as scientists continue to invest billions upon billions in finding a way to cure the dreaded condition. Don’t let them fool you, though, the cure is at hand and it’s not going to cost that much.

German Scientist Johanna Budwig found a cancer cure in the year 1951. As a 6 time nominee for a Nobel Prize and holding two doctorates in both medicine and in pharmaceutical chemistry, she was also up on physics, biochemistry and psychology.

Johanna told other scientists that she has the answer to cancer and the cure, but that the doctors in American aren’t willing to listen. They had come to where she was and observed and were impressed, but, they didn’t want to go through making the deal to take it back home and make money off of it. They blackballed her.

The government appointed her to research in processing oils into solids such as those that make margarine. In this process, she discovered that trans fatty acids or Hydrogenated oils are very harmful to people’s health.

In her quest, she also found the cure for cancer. She also found that it worked for other conditions like arthritis, cardiovascular issues, liver issues, and diabetes.

Her discovery? She found that cancer cells are just cells lacking the necessary right at the molecular level to mature properly. She discovered that red blood cells in cancer patients don’t have a fatty layer like the ones do in healthy people.

This is how she found the cure for cancer. She had a 90 percent success rate. She was able to successfully treat a variety of cancer patients even if they were at stage 4 in their condition. Even those who had tried surgery to no avail and therapy to no avail. Even radiation patients who showed no improvement.

Her treatment protocol also included nutritional and dietary changes. diets with no additives and no animal products other than cheese or cottage cheese. Flaxseed oil and other healthy foods.

She combined this, with plenty of protein and oils that gave the body the required nutritional ingredients on the molecular level. The cancer cells then absorbed or sloughed out of te body and the body was healthy and well within just 3 short months.

Johanna went on to publish a variety of articles regarding this discovery and she published 6 books. However, although her work was of great value and documented, she wound up in a lot of time in litigation with the margarine companies. Her work was restricted via the courts that were dealing with these cases. 

However, her information was vital and of great value to all of the human kind. She found the secret to how to treat cancer and save lives.

Cottage Cheese And Flaxseed Oil Re-Energize Cells

When the sulphydryl in the cottage cheese binds with the unsaturated fatty acids that are found in the flaxseed oil, the create a chemical reaction that allows the flaxseed oil to convert into water-soluble and penetrate into cells that will then produce energy.

The body requires electrical energy. This energy, just like batteries will create the proper energy for the body to function properly at the molecular level. The combination of the cottage cheese and the flaxseed oil create the ideal medium to give the body the proper fuel and nutrition.

Her patients quickly improved and their cells got more oxygen and they were feeling much better in short order. From breast cancer to gastrointestinal cancers, even brain cancer, her patients were thriving.

To give her patients the best diet, she gave advice on specific dietary rules to follow in order to treat their conditions. Here are the guidelines that she gave:

  • You need plenty of sunshine in order to properly heal both your mind and your body.
  • You should only drink purified water.
  • Stay away from meat, animal fat and sugar.
  • Don’t use leftovers, only eat foods that are prepared just before you eat them.
  • Cut all processed foods from your diet.
  • Grind your own flax seeds fresh and eat them within the first 15 minutes after you grind them.
  • Eat only fresh or organic vegetables and fruits.
  • Combine cottage cheese and flaxseed oils in a ratio of 2:1 and blend them so that there isn’t any oil floating.
  • Never add anything else to the above until the mixture is combined.
  • Avoid drugs and supplements.

If you have cancer, she also recommended that you take 8 tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily. In the future, you could cut back to one tablespoon daily to prevent it from coming back.

Cancer pathogenesis is triggered by toxins that are found in the environment. Remove all sources of toxins from your body. Avoid GMOs as well as trans fats and anything that has carcinogens in it. Avoid cooking materials that are made of plastic and Teflon.

After the research, she published her findings and strove to help others reduce their chances of getting cancer by suggesting immune boosting techniques and lowering the acidity in the body as well as by limiting carcinogens.

Her research was received as a domino effect and it impacted the scientific community. Even today, 5 decades later, science still uses this study in how oils and fats influence cancer and the body.

To start, always select high-quality ingredients. This is to achieve optimal health and healing. Example, use cold pressed flax and make sure there are no added in lignins. Stored in a dark bottle, it mustn’t be used once the expiry date has passed.

Nancy’s brand of low-fat organic cottage cheese with enzymes and probiotics is very beneficial even if a person is sensitive to dairy.

Low-fat cottage cheese will prevent the required chemical reaction from happening between the sulphydryl and the fatty acids. Combined with hormones and preservatives along with high heat pasteurization it would damage the protein.

her diet helped to prevent and reverse cancer.

Here is her recipe:

Mix one tablespoon of flax oil and 2 tablespoons of organic low fat quark or cottage cheese for every 100 pounds a person weighs. Adjust the dose according to how severe the situation is.

Add a tablespoon of the cold pressed flaxseed oil into a glass and two tablespoons of the low fat cottage cheese. Blend with an immersion blender for one minute.

Grind some brown or golden flaxseeds in a coffee grinder for one minute until it’s airy and fluffy. Transfer this to a glass bowl and blend in the oil and cheese and stir well. Add fruits or spices on top to enhance flavor.

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