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Then vs Meow: How Cat’s Life Has Changed With Technology (15 Pics)

These days, all manner of electronic devices are all around us. It’s the norm to sit in the midst of them at pretty much all times of the day. While this seems normal, it’s interesting to consider what our feline companions must think of the matter. After all, it seems they’ve always been content to sit back and judge our every move as is. So, how are they faring in the increasingly technology centric world?

Cats are puzzling creatures, but it seems they may be rather confused about the whole thing. Are computer accessories tools for humans or their personal playthings? The heat from laptops sure is cozy, so that must mean those are personalized feline warming pads, right? Are the tangled cables running from the back of our computers or gaming consoles actually akin to balls of yarn? There’s a lot of room for confusion when it comes to cats and technology. Though it can be disastrous when they pull down so many things they really shouldn’t, more often than not it’s just cute. You have to love the furry little so and so’s.

01. Relaxing On TV

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-01Anna Pavlova

02. Intruding Personal Space of Human

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-02Peter Lynn, Plush

03. Warming Up

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-03Madaise, IvanPaw-lov

04. Going Hunting

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-04Budimir Jevtic

05. Getting Tangled

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-05Source, Rose Pedal

06. Watching Birds


07. Going Fishing

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-07Source, Gary J. Wood

08. Catception



09. Finding Mates

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-09Cat CATastrophes

10. Entertainment

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-10Trianons Oficial

11. Exercising

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-11Sari ONeal,One Fast Cat

12. Hiding Out

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-12Sudsington,Liz Buckley

14. Playing

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-14Source, Michael Nagle

15. Watching Birds

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-15The Creative Cat, Imgur


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