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This Is Why Need To Freeze Your Lemons From Now On!

According to a new study, all-natural compounds found in citrus fruits (and especially lemons) may be highly effective at preventing the spread of cancer cells.

These lemonoids have numerous terrific health benefits; fighting cancer is just the most exciting. They can also inhibit bacterial infections, purge harmful toxins from the body, bring down high blood pressure, treat neurological disorders, and encourage parasitic organisms to leave the body.

Lemonoids are found in every part of the lemon, with none of the fruit being without its uses. The pulp is particularly noted for its dense concentration of healthy compounds. If you want to fully unlock the potent healing abilities of lemons, here’s an outstanding way to preserve and use the fruits. 

This method of preparation is best used on pesticide-free lemons. Fruits grown in your own garden are ideal, but store-bought organic lemons will also work. Wash your lemons thoroughly and then put them into your freezer. This works equally well with whole or sliced lemons (and it’s an excellent way to make use of leftover lemons after you’ve used parts of them in other recipes.)

Give the fruit enough time to freeze completely; once it’s solid take it out and grate it. Use the shavings to top virtually any recipe; they work on noodles, soups, drinks, salads, ice cream, and more. This is not just a terrific way to improve your health and fight off cancer; it also tastes amazing!


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