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Transparent Bubble Tent Lets You Sleep Underneath The Stars

If you think the glass igloo hotel in Finland is exotic, then for sure, you will love these unique tents.

Here is what manufacturer says about their tents:

“At Holleyweb, we have invested on inflatable, bubble, transparent, and PVC bubble tents that are perfect for you to live in, with all the benefits or comfort of your home. You will also need somewhere to plug in the tent’s blower to keep it inflated.A 4M bubble tent has the capacity to house two people. Even though this tent is not ‘pointy-rock’ resistant, it is fire resistant and waterproof. They are perfect for family events such as barbecues on rainy days.”Wonder how much they cost? We were curious too, so we found one on Amazon: HolleywebTM Inflatable Bubble Tent House Dome Outdoor Clear Show Room with 1 Tunnel for Camping for PhotoAD-Inflatable-Clear-Bubble-Tent-House-Dome-Outdoor-01


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