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35 Secret Uses For Coconut Oil and #32 Will Surprise You!

When it comes to useful foods in the kitchen pantry, coconut oil is one of the most valuable resources you have. While a lot of people are aware of its usefulness in beauty care and flavoring, there are many other incredible uses for coconut oil. We would like to show 35 of them. And rest assured, some of them will surprise you. Especially #32!

Coconut oil has been gaining popularity in recent years and yet most people are still unaware of all the ways you can employ it in your home. Understanding the value of coconut oil will change your life and the ways you use it. We can’t wait to reveal some of the incredible ways you can benefit from keeping coconut oil in your home. In fact, we’re so excited to reveal these 35 methods we are going to start right now!

#1 Knock Out Cellulite

cellulite and coconut oil

Those cottage cheese ripples you detest can be dealt with in an impressive manner. Mix 12 drops of grapefruit essential oil with coconut oil, about a tablespoon, and then rub the mixture into the problem areas. Use a circular motion and then use a dry brush to assist in the treatment.

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