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Health Benefits Of Farting

It really seems these days that people have a tendency to be coy about almost everything.

I do understand how appealing it can be to be a little mysterious. I really do. However, sometimes you just need to tell it like it really is.

This seems to be especially true about information on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Even at it’s absolute best, healthy can be sort of gross and messy. That is why having these kinds of frank conversations every once in a while is so important.

So whether you are assessing the consistency and shape of your BMs, or discussing whether or not sleeping in the nude is healthier, all of the information is valuable.

Today’s topic is… Passing Gas. Farting. Flatulence. Whatever you want to call it, it isn’t pretty. However, it can influence your health significantly.

So go ahead and read through all of the benefits that are listed below and learn more about some of the impressive health benefits you can enjoy from letting it rip.

First of all, it is a completely natural bodily function to pass gas.

It is a normal and necessary aspect of digesting food. According to WebMD, when your intestines and stomach are breaking down your food for nutrients, it is inevitable that there will be some amount of gas as a natural by-product of the whole process.

For digestive health, everyone in the entire world needs to do it. If you didn’t fart at all that would be a lot more worrisome.

Benefit 1: It Helps To Reduce Bloating

After you eat a large meal, if you are feeling bloated, one of the major culprits could be unreleased gas.

For a majority of individuals, bloating feels like temporary weight gain and bodily swelling that isn’t dangerous, but may make your new jeans feel somewhat tighter.

Water retention can cause some of this, when your cells hold onto extra water for some reason, but what about that feeling of discomfort and fullness in your stomach?

That is gas, that needs to escape. If you let it fly that will reduce your discomfort and bloating instantly.

Benefit 2: It Benefits Your Colon Health

Remember when you were little and your mom told you not to “hold it?”

You should take this common wisdom serious. It is bad for your health to hold anything for an extend period of time.

Although clenching occasion to avoid letting out an embarrassing fart isn’t a problem, Women’s Health Magazine says if you have any other digestive problems, if you hold your gas it could potentially cause you to have medical issues with your colon.

Benefit 3: It’s A Great Early Warning System

There are some bodily functions that really can’t be avoided, and farting is one of them.

Although you might resent it at times, you may start to feel more grateful about it once you are aware of the fact that occasionally gas is an early predictor of major health issues, which gives you a sign that you should visit your doctor and get checked out.

Strange gas pains, increasing frequency of gas and extreme smells can alert you to certain conditions, ranging from a condition as serious as colon cancer to something more mild like lactose intolerance.

Benefit 4: The Odor Can Be Beneficial

That’s right, it can actually be healthy to sniff farts.

That might sound really weird, but hear us out. There have been studies that have shown that a compound that is produced in small amounts in our gas called hydrogen sulfide may provide protection from illness later on.

This rotten egg smell that is often part of digestive gas in large doses is toxic. However, in small doses it can help prevent heart attacks and strokes in the future and help to stave off cells being damaged.

Benefit 5: It Can Assist You With Balancing Your Diet

To stay healthy all of us need to have a balanced diet, and your farts may help you determine which foods are needed by your gut.

Different types of gas are produced by different foods, which can inform you what foods you might be overindulging in and which ones you might be missing.

For instance, if you don’t pass gas very often, most likely you need to have more fiber in your diet, along with foods such as kale, beans and lentils.

Meanwhile, if you eat too much red meat, it can produce a smell later on that is very unpleasant. This will let you know that you should reduce your consumption of this food.

Benefit 6: Indicates a Happy And Healthy Gut Bacteria

Here is a truth that is slightly unpleasant: healthier, slimmer individuals tend to do more farting.

So the price that you might have to pay for having superior overall health may be having a digestive system that is slightly smellier.

According to NPR, that is due to the fact that foods that encourage more efficient digestion and feed your microbiome are foods such as brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower.

Those leafy greens help to jump start your gut bacteria to get in high gear. This results in more gases being produced in addition to better digestion.

Benefit 7: It Is A Big Relief

We might as well face it; nothing feels better than letting a long-held fart go.

The actual fart may be embarrassing if the wrong person catches you. However, it is worth it to get that huge relief that passing gas brings.

Holding gas in can make you feel snappish, uncomfortable and grumpy. When you release, it can considerably boost your mood!


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