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Famous People Turned Hipster [Art by Amit Shimoni]

Famous People Turned Hipster.

If you are looking for a nonconformist culture, the hipster revolution might be the place for you. They have somehow been gifted with the ability to unite grunge, hippy, beatnik, and rebel ideology and style. They spend a lot of their time in vintage shops while avoiding chain establishments. Unfortunately, they have been mocked by the media and denigrated by those concerned with consumer trends. So, what if famous people turned hipster?

The images you are about to enjoy show us the answers to that question. Hipsters don’t just embody long beards and too short jeans. They have political ideals and consumer strategies that are worthy of further investigation. The people in these images contributed to society in some way. We would like to offer you some of the little known snippets of value attached to these individuals. Maybe then you will learn to appreciate the hipster revolution too.

23 Hipster Conversions

We could call these images hipstory, as they incorporate people and images embedded in history while transforming them into more hipster friendly portraits. Amit Shimoni, the artist, is a self-proclaimed young designer and illustrator who likes to alter the images of iconic figures. Take a look at these 25 hipster conversions:

#1 Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was challenged to a duel over a piece his fiancé, Mary Todd, wrote in a newspaper. The man thought Lincoln had penned it. And, as an honorable man he took responsibility for it. He accepted the duel and chose swords, knowing full well that his 6’4 frame and extensively long arms would give him a considerable advantage. Seeing that he had been outsmarted, the instigator chose instead to make up with Lincoln rather than lose his life.

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