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The Intriguing Benefits Of Buwa (Coconut Embryo)

As we all know, mature coconuts are regular gathered for their highly nutritious milk. If you’ve spent enough time cracking them open however, you may notice that sometimes there are interesting formations found within. This usually indicates a coconut that was ready to sprout leaves. This early formation became known as buwa (or sometimes buha), and is surprisingly just as edible as the rest of the insides of the coconut.

Other common terms for this are the coconut embryo or even coconut apple, oddly enough. The cotyledon is actually a more accurate technical name. In the Philippines, these are eaten raw as a delicacy. Given the high nutritional value of the usual contents of coconuts, it should come as no surprise that this too would be quite healthy.


10 Leading Benefits Of Coconut Embryos

1 – They Strengthen The Immune System. This is established through their antiviral, anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic properties.

2 – They Energize. You’ll feel much livelier after eating coconut embryos, and they help boost your physical and athletic abilities naturally.

3 – They Improve Your Digestion. You’ll be able to absorb useful vitamins, nutrients, and minerals much more effectively.

4 – They Improve Insulin Secretion. As such, they work great to deter the effects of diabetes.

5 – They Fight Off Carcinogens. The insulin reduction also means coconut embryos help protect against cancer.

6 – They Promote Good Cholesterol. With regular coconut embryo consumption, your heart’s health should be considerably stronger.

7 – They Improve Thyroid Functionality.

8 – They Prevent Kidney & Bladder Problems. This includes diseases and infections.

9 – They Bolster Weight Loss.

10 – They Have Anti-Aging Effects. Coconut embryos can help your skin look healthier and younger, even going as far as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.


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