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Anxiety and the People You Love: 30 Things They Aren’t Telling You

Humans are frustrating and complex. Yet, they are all looking for one thing, unconditional love. For those struggling with anxiety, that ultimate goal can be incredibly hard to acquire. They are fearful of interactions and time spent in groups, which deprives them of significant opportunities to build loving relationships. So, when it comes to anxiety and the people you love, it is important that you understand these 30 things that they aren’t telling you. And, #30 might shock you.

#1 Declining Invitations

While it might seem completely counterintuitive, anxious people will decline your invitations even when they really want to be there. It’s often hard to make plans or talk on the phone when anxiety is in the picture. Please know that it isn’t about whether or not they want to spend time with you, but more about how intense their anxiety is at the moment you ask. Don’t give up, keep asking, one day they might surprise you.

We know #5 will surprise you for sure.

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