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Scientific Discovery: Highly Intelligent People Are A Bunch Of Nocturnal, Messy, Potty Mouths

Please don’t throw tomatoes at this messenger today. These science study results definitely need to be shared.

Stated from the mouth of science experts:

High IQ holding people have revealed some astonishing facts in studies. It has been revealed that the clean well spoken and possibly nerdy above average intelligent people have a few flaws. This is what has been found:

1. Sailors may have met their match when it comes to swearing


Being short on intelligence and limited on vocabulary have been an ongoing argument regarding people who are comfortable with using a multitude of cuss words during conversations. This is now a busted myth, according to a new language sciences study. It is extremely interesting how the results of a timed cussing test revealed a tendency among people with a large database of swear words readily available also performed better on IQ exams.

2. Night time seems to be a dear friend to highly intelligent people.


Many famous leaders, scientists and even inventors were known to find freedom to concentrate and be productive during the night time hours when others are usually sleeping. Another study related to being “night owls” shows these type of people make good company for themselves. An interesting note about the difference between night owls and early risers is that school performance is better for early birds while above average success in life is achieved by many night owls. It would take a great deal of more studying to determine how that would apply to you and I and others.

3. Chaotic organization skills that only makes sense to them.


Untidy handwriting has long been a telltale sign of intelligence according to past studies. Sometimes the writing appears as though the hand is thinking that there are tons of more important things to do other than writing. Important things such as saving the world, curing cancer and more.

Clutter just seems to happen without a thought when the wheels of an intelligent mind begins turning. A Minnesota University study also supports that very line of thinking. 

In fact, Kathleen Vohs (psychological scientist) seems to suggest that a play it safe mentality results in more orderly environments while environments that are disorderly may inspire freedom from tradition and an open mind to fresh insights.

If these findings are in fact reliable then free your mind, scribble a do not disturb sign to hang on the door and get busy being the highly intelligent person that you may be.


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